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A dark blue shaded diagram subdivided by horizontal lines, with the names of the five atmospheric regions arranged along the left. From bottom to top, the troposphere section shows Mount Everest and an airplane icon, the stratosphere displays a weather balloon, the mesosphere shows meteors, and the thermosphere includes an aurora and the Space Shuttle. At the top, the exosphere shows only stars.
The boundaries between the Earth's surface and outer space, at the Kármán line, and exosphere at . Not to scale.

Ing Alapaap, iti ing ala nung nu manatili pilatan da reng mangatawan keng banua, nung nu kayabe ya ing yatu.[1] Eneman taganang ala ya laman, dapot atin ya naman a ausan dang masias a makasipsip (hard vacuum) a miki atin a mababang kasiksikan da reng particles: lalu na deng plasma da reng hydrogen ampong helium, at makanian mu rin kareng electromagnetic radiation, magnetic field ampo reng neutrinos. Keng pamagmasid ampong theoria a uusuk na iti atin ya naman madalumdum a bage (dark matter) ampong madalumdum a energia (dark energy).

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