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Bernadette Soubirous

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Bernadette Soubirous

Santa Bernadette ning Lourdes
Kebaitan Eneru 7 1844(1844-01-07) in Lourdes, Francia
Kematian Abril 16 1879 (maki edad a 35) in Nevers, Francia
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Meging santo Diciembre 8, 1933, Rome by Pope Pius XI
Major shrine Lourdes
Kapagmasusian Febrero 18 (king Francia ampo kareng Tradicional a Catolico)
April 16 (kareng aliwang lugal)
Patron Deng másakit, ing kakaluluan, ing pamilia, ing Lourdes, shepherds
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I Santa Bernadette (mibait a Maria-Bernada Sobirós (Marie-Bernarde Soubirous)); Enero 7, 1844 – Abril 16, 1879), anak ne ning metung a talagiling (miller) ibat king balen ning Lourdes king mauling Francia. Manibat aniang Febrero 11 anggang Julio 16, 1858, sinabi nang migpalto yang makata labingwalu ing metung a "malating babaing anak-anak pamu" ("a small young lady"). Lipat ning maki duda ya o kapikakunuan ing Iglesia Catolica aniang mumuna, bandang tauli, metanggap lang karapatdapat paniwalan deting sinabi na, kaibat ning metung a pamagsiasat ning Pisamban. Ngeni, ausan de iting pamagpalto (apparition) ning Our Lady of Lourdes. Kaibat ning kayang kamatayan, e ya mayayagnas ing kayang katawan, at megi yang manimunang karinan para king peregrinasiun (major site for pilgrimage), ing Lourdes, nung nu la pupunta banua-banua deng miliun-miliung Catolicu. Kanitang Diciembre 8, 1933, mibulalag yang santa ning Iglesia Catolica; pagmasusian ya ing kayang fiesta neng Abril 16.

Notes ampong dalerayan


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Articulu kareng magasin

  • "L'Illustration Journal Universal": Story covering Bernadette and apparitions from time of apparitions (October 23, 1858)
  • Election of Pope Pius X (August 15, 1903): "The Graphic" England
  • "The Illustrated London News": Funeral of Pope Pius IX (February 23, 1878)
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  • "Harpers Weekly": The Last French Miracle (November 20, 1858) - Recounts actual happenings at the time of apparitions
  • "St. Paul Dispatch": Throne of St. Peter Made Vacant by the Death of Pope Leo XIII, (July 21, 1903)
  • "St. Paul Dispatch": Cardinal Sarto (St. Pope Pius X) of Venice Called to Throne of St. Peter, (August 5, 1903)
  • "The Minneapolis Journal": Pope Pius X is Reported Dead; Relapse Caused by Grief Over War (August 19, 1914)

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