Bulkang Canlaon

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Map showing major volcanoes of the Philippines.

Ang Bulkang Kanlaon, o kaya Bunduk Kanlaon (neng misan miki kulitan a Canlaon), metung yang stratovolcano king Negros pulu king Filipinas. Atiu king lalawigan pilatan ding lalawigan ning Negros Occidental atNegros Oriental king Visayas labuad (10°24.7'N, 123°7.9'E), mga 36 km maulingaslagan ning Bacolod Lakanbalen.

Physical features[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

Kanlaon has an elevation of 2,435 meters and a base diameter of 30 km and is dotted with pyroclastic cones and craters. The summit of Kanlaon contains a broad elongated northern caldera with a crater lake. A smaller but more active crater lies in the south.

The volcano has three hot springs on its slopes: Mambucal Hot Springs on the northwest, Bucalan Hot Spring, Bungol Hot Spring. Its adjacent volcanic edifices are Mt. Silay and Mt. Mandalagan, north of Kanlaon.

Laon is the name of an ancient Hiligaynon goddess. During pre-Hispanic times, the natives worshiped her as their Supreme Ruler. Kanlaon is derived from the old Visayan words ka which means for and Laon. The mountain is said to be where Laon made his presence to the people.

In ancient times, native priests (babaylan) would climb up the mountain and do rituals every good harvest season or when there is a special ceremony. They would also offer gifts as a sign of respect. Canlaon City now stands beside the mountain.

Suglung Palwal[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]