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Ing calculator metung yang kasangkapan a gagamitan para king pamanguenta o pamangarculang pang-matematica. Aliwa ya king computer uling limitadu ing kagiwan nang maglutas o munie solucion king problema. Maliari lang hardware (kasangkapan) o software (computer program) deng calculator, at maliari lang mechanical (maquinang gawa kareng kikimut a parti o dake) o electronic, at maralas, makapalub na la o kayabe kareng gamit antimo deng PDA o cellphone.

Metung a simpling calculator
Metung a matuang mechanical calculator.
Metung a scientific calculator.

Deng makabayung electronic calculator keraklan malati la, digital, (keraklan mipagiu la king bulsa) at keraklan mura. Bukud kareng calculator a pangkabilugan a gamit (general purpose calculators), ating para kareng particular a gagamit, alimbawa deng scientific calculator, a maki operation a mas complicadu kesa king kabud mu arithmetic o simpling pamanguenta, alimbawa deng pamangarculang trigonometric and statistical. Atin ping calculator a agiu rang gawang computer algebra. Deng graphing calculator, maliari lang gamitan bang mag-graph kareng function a makatuldu king real line, o mas matas dimension a Euclidean space. Nanupata, atin la pang aliwang silbi. Mas apidala-dala mu la deng calculator cumpara kareng computer, dapot deng PDA alus kasindagul do reng handheld calculator o calculator a tatalnan king gamat.

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General interest

Mechanical calculators

Electronic calculators



Karagdagang babasan

  • U.S. Patent 2,668,661 Complex computerG. R. Stibitz, Bell Laboratories, 1954 (filed 1941, refiled 1944), electromechanical (relay) device that could calculate complex numbers, record, and print results by teletype
  • U.S. Patent 3,819,921 Miniature electronic calculatorJ. S. Kilby, Texas Instruments, 1974 (originally filed 1967), handheld (3 lb, 1.4 kg) battery operated electronic device with thermal printer
    • The Japanese Patent Office granted a patent in June 1978 to Texas Instruments (TI) based on US patent 3819921, notwithstanding objections from 12 Japanese calculator manufacturers. This gave TI the right to claim royalties retroactively to the original publication of the Japanese patent application in August 1974. A TI spokesman said that it would actively seek what was due, either in cash or technology cross-licensing agreements. Nineteen other countries, including the United Kingdom, had already granted a similar patent to Texas Instruments. – New Scientist, 17 August 1978 p455, and Practical Electronics (British publication), October 1978 p1094.
  • U.S. Patent 4,001,566 Floating Point Calculator With RAM Shift Register - 1977 (originally filed GB March 1971, US July 1971), very early single chip calculator claim.
  • U.S. Patent 5,623,433 Extended Numerical Keyboard with Structured Data-Entry CapabilityJ. H. Redin, 1997 (originally filed 1996), Usage of Verbal Numerals as a way to enter a number.
  • European Patent Office Database - Many patents about mechanical calculators are in classifications G06C15/04, G06C15/06, G06G3/02, G06G3/04

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