Can Tho

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Cần Thơ
—  Municipality  —
Cần Thơ City
Thành phố Cần Thơ

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Coat of arms of Cần Thơ
Coat of arms
Palayo: Western Metropolis (Tây Đô)
Location of Cần Thơ
Location of Cần Thơ
[[Image:Map|250px|none|Karinan ning Cần Thơ]]
Labuad Mekong Delta
Mitátag 1789
Seat Ninh Kiều
Subdivision 5 urban districts, 4 rural districts
 - Pinduan Municipality (Class-1)
 - Secretary of the Party Lê Quang Mạnh
 - Chairman of People's Council Phạm Văn Hiểu
 - Chairman of People's Committee Trần Việt Trường
Lualas [1]
 - Municipality Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ",". sq mi (1,438.96 km2)
Populasiun (2021)[2]
 - Municipality 1,250,792
 - Populasiun Pangasiksik Expression error: Unexpected < operator./sq mi (Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ","./km2)
 - Kabalenan 894,500
Ethnic groups [2]
 - Vietnamese[3] 97.47%
 - Khmer 1.59%
 - Hoa 0.88%
 - Others 0.06%
Time zone ICT (UTC+07:00)
Postal code 90xxxx
Area codes 292
GRP (Nominal) 2022[4]
- Total US$5.42 billion
- Per capita US$4.409
Climate Aw
International airports Can Tho International Airport

Ing Cần Thơ, a misusúlat múring Can Tho ó Cantho ing kápat a pékamaragul a lakanbalén king Vietnam, ampó ing pékamaragul a lakanbalén king labuad ning Mekong Delta king Vietnam.[5][6]

Píkabaluan ya karéng kayang gágátóng paléngki (floating markets), báriu nung nú la gágawang papil ibat king pálé (rice paper-making village), ampóng mangasanting a paligi (canals) king báriu ó maranglé.[6] Maki populacion yang 1,282,300 anyang 2018,[7] and is located on the south bank of the Hậu River, a distributary of the Mekong River. In 2007, about 50 people died when the Cần Thơ Bridge collapsed, causing Vietnam's worst engineering disaster.[8] In 2011, Cần Thơ International Airport opened.[9]

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