Clara Schumann

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Clara Schumann

Metung a pamangulis (drawing) nang Clara Wieck Schumann
Mibait Clara Josephine Wieck
Septiembri 13 1819(1819-09-13)
Leipzig, Germany
Mete Mayu 20 1896 (maki edad a 76)
Frankfurt, Germany
Sangkan ning pangamate Stroke
Kapanintunan/propesion pianista, kompositor
Asawa Robert Schumann (m. 1840–w. 1856) «Template:Start-dateTemplate:End-date»"Marriage: Robert Schumann to Clara Schumann" Location:Template:Placename/adr (linkback://
Ának 8 ának

I Clara Schumann (née Clara Josephine Wieck; 13 Setiembre 1819 – 20 Mayo 1896) metung yang musikera ampong kompositor a Aleman (German) a tuturing dang metung kareng makabukud diling pianista ning panaun a Romantic. Ginamit na ing kayang impluwensiya kilub ning karerang 61 (anam a pulu't metung) a banwa king pamagkonsiyerto, at elilan ne ing format na ampong kalamnan ning piano recital ampo ing panlasa ning publikung makiramdam. Asawa ne ing kompositor a i Robert Schumann. Pepesikanan de pilubluban ning kayang asawa i Johannes Brahms, at ya ing mumunang pianistang tinigtig king publiku kareng obra nang Brahms, lalu na ing Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel. [1].

Notes[mag-edit | edit source]

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