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Claude Debussy

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I Claude Debussy aniang 1908

I Achille-Claude Debussy[1] (French: [aʃil klod dəbysi];[2] 22 Agosto 1862 – 25 Marzo 1918) metung yang kompositor a Pranses. Kayabe nang Maurice Ravel, metung ya kareng pikabaluan diling tauan a makaugne king Impresionistang musika, oneng ya mismu tutu neng e buri ing terminu nung yugne de king kareng kayang komposisyun.[3] King Pransya, megawa yang Chevalier ning Legion of Honour anyang 1903.[4] Metung yang maulagang tauan king pamanalis king kapanaunan a modernu king musikang Albuganan (Western music).

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