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Ing palengki ning Dunhuang
Ing palengki ning Dunhuang
Ing palengki ning Dunhuang
Ing Lakanbalen ning Dunhuang (malutu) king Lakanbalen ning Jiuquan (dilo) ampong Gansu
Ing Lakanbalen ning Dunhuang (malutu) king Lakanbalen ning Jiuquan (dilo) ampong Gansu
Ing Lakanbalen ning Dunhuang (malutu) king Lakanbalen ning Jiuquan (dilo) ampong Gansu

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Coordinates: 40°09′N 94°40′E
Bangsa Maldang Republika ning Tsina
China Gansu
Lakanbalen a kadaneng prefecture Jiuquan
Katas/kabilian 3,747 ft (1,142 m)
Populasiun (2000)
 - Kabilugan 187,578
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Time zone CST (UTC+8)

Ing Dunhuang  (Chinese: 敦煌; pinyin: Dūnhuáng, a ausan da muring simplified Chinese: 炖煌; traditional Chinese: 燉煌; pinyin: Dūnhuáng anyang minunang panaun, mangabaldugan yang 'Milalablab a Sulu' o 'Blazing Beacon') metung yang lakanbalen a kadaneng kondadu (county-level city) (pop. 187,578 (2000)) king pangulu albugan a dake ning lalawigan ning Gansu, albugang Maldang Republika ning Tsina. Metung yang manimunang tutuknangan king Silk Road kanitang minuna. Balu de murin king lagyung Shāzhōu (沙州) o 'Lakanbalen ning Balas' o 'City of Sands',[1] "o Dukhan anti ing aus da reng Turkis."[2] Pikabalwan yang dili uling kareng Lukib a Dunhuang Caves (Dunhuang Caves) a malapit keti.

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