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Frank Herbert

I Frank Herbert king Octocon II convention, Santa Rosa, California, Octubre 1978 (Robert E. Nylund)
Mibait Octubri 8 1920(1920-10-08)
Tacoma, Washington
Kematayan Pebreru 11 1986 (maki edad a 65)
Madison, Wisconsin
Obra Novelista
Bangsa Estados Unidos
Panaun ning pamaniulat 1945-1986
Genres Science fiction
Pangimut pangliteratura New Wave

I Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr. (Octubre 8, 1920 – Febrero 11, 1986[1]) metung yang talasulat science fiction a Americanung pupurian da reng criticu ampong matagumpe basi kareng misaling libru. Metung yang talasulat makuyad a salita (short story writer), dapot pikabaluan yang dili kareng kayang novela[2], lalu na ing Dune ampo reng kayang limang sequel. Ing Dune saga, a mibili king marayung paintungulan at miliari kilub da reng libu-libung banua, tungkul ya kareng temang kalupa ning pamanatiling mabie ning tau ampong ebolusion, ecologia, ampo ing pamitupa ning relihion, politica ampong upaya. Ing Dune ing "masaling diling novelang science fiction ning sablang panaun," at tuturing deng classic ning uri ning paniulat a iti ing serie.[3][4]


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