George Armstrong Custer

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George Armstrong Custer
MibaitDisiembri 5 1839(1839-12-05)
New Rumley, Ohio
MeteJuniu 25 1876 (maki edad a 36)
Little Bighorn, Montana
Lugal ning libinganmumuna yang milibing king lugal ning laban
kaibat, miyalis ya king West Point Cemetery
Tatalan king katapatanEstados Unidos
SangaUkbu ning Estados Unidos
Ukbung Union
Banwa king serbisyu1861–76
Ranggu Brevet Major General of Volunteers
Lieutenant Colonel (Regular Army)
Commands heldMichigan Brigade
3rd Cavalry Division
2nd Cavalry Division
7th U.S. Cavalry
Battles/warsAmerican Civil War

Indian Wars

I George Armstrong Custer (Diciembre 5, 1839 – Junio 25, 1876) metung yang manungkulan militar (officer) Ukbu ning Estados Unidos (United States Army) ampong komander a cavalry king Gerang Sibil a Americanu (American Civil War) ampo reng Gerang Indian. Meragul ya king Michigan ampong Ohio, i Custer, a mekalub king West Point anyang 1858, nung nu tauli ya king kayang klasi anyang miyari ya. Nanupata, anyang mikalabkab ing Gerang Sibil, kailangan la reng malyaring maging manungkulan o opisyal, at mituldu yang magsilbi king Ukbung Union.

Masanting ing meging reputasyun nang Custer king Gerang Sibil. Linaban ya king mumunang manimunang laban, ing Mumunang laban ning Bull Run. Misulung ya ing kayang karera uling king kayang pamiyabe kareng mangatas a manungkulan, pati na ing kayang tagumpe antimong taganang matalab o epektibung komander o talapanibala da reng makakabayu (highly effective cavalry commander). Bandang tauli, mitas ya ranggu king pansamantalang ranggung (brevet) of major general i Custer. (Kayari ning gera, mibalik ya king kayang permanenting ranggu ning kapitan.) Kaybat ning Appomattox Campaign, nung nu maragul ampong maulaga king kelualan ning laban i Custer ampo reng kayang sundalus, atsu i Custer bang tanggap king pamanyuku nang Heneral Robert E. Lee.

Kaybat ning Gerang Sibil, miparla ya i Custer king albugan bang lumaban king Gerang Indian. Mengatakpan la king mituran kalamidad a tawling nang laban deng kayang meging tagumpe. Mete ya i Custer ampo reng eganagana nang tauan king Laban ning Little Bighorn (Battle of the Little Bighorn) anyang 1876, king metung a laban king aliansa da reng tribung natibung Americanu a sinikat lagyu king amlat a Americanu antimong "Custer's Last Stand".

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