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Helen Adam

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I Helen Adam (b. Disiembri 2, 1909 king Glasgow, Scotland — m. Septiembri 19, 1993 king New York Lakanabalen) metung yang Americanung watas, collagist ampong talalitratu nung nu kyabe ya keng kilusan keng San Francisco Renaissance, metung a kilusan keng malgung panuyulat a ausan dang Beat Generation merapat king San Francisco, CA inyang dekadang 1950 ampong 1960.

Ing metung a masanting a alimbwa iyapin ing Helen Adam's verse

"Margaretta's Rime":
Margaretta's Rime
In Amsterdam, that old city,
Church bells tremble and cry;
All day long their airy chiming
Clavers across the sky.

I am young in the old city,
My heart dead in my breast.
I hear the bells in the sky crying,
"Every being is blest."

In Amsterdam, that old city,
Alone at a window I stand,
A spangled garter my only clothing,
A candle flame in my hand.

The people who pass that lighted window,
Looking me up and down,
Know I am one more tourist trifle
For sale in this famous town.

Noon til dusk at the window waiting,
Nights of fury and shame.
I am young in an old city
Playing an older game.

I hear the bells in the sky crying
To the dead heart in my breast,
The gentle bells in the sky crying
Every being is blest."

Mepiling Mibulaglag[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  • The Elfin Pedlar and Tales Told by the Pixie Pool, 1923
  • Charms and Dreams from the Elfin Pedlar's Pack, 1924
  • Shadow of the Moon, 1929
  • The Queen O' Crow Castle, 1958
  • Ballads, 1964
  • Counting Out Rhyme, 1972
  • Selected Poems and Ballads, 1974
  • Ghosts and Grinning Shadows (a collection of short stories), 1977
  • Turn Again to Me and Other Poems, 1977
  • Gone Sailing, 1980
  • Songs with Music, 1982
  • The Bells of Dis, 1984
  • (With Auste Adam) Stone Cold Gothic, 1984.
  • "San Francisco's Burning", 1985
  • A Helen Adam Reader. Edited with notes and an introduction by Kristin Prevallet, 2008.

Dalerayan[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  • [1] Overview of the Helen Adam Papers in James Broughton's archive
  • The Reluctant Pixie Poole subtitled: A Recovery of Helen Adam's San Francisco Years, this is an early essay by Kristin Prevallet

Suglung Palual[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]