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Bandera ning Hezbolla
Flag of Hezbollah
LeaderHassan Nasrallah
Founded1985 (officially)
IdeologyShia Islamism
ReligionShia Islam
ColoursYellow, Green
Parliament of LebanonTemplate:Infobox political party/seats
Cabinet of LebanonTemplate:Infobox political party/seats
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Ing Hezbollah (حزب اللهḤizbu 'llāh, literal a kabaldugan, "Partidu nang Allah" o "Partidu ning Dios") — malyari mu namang transliterated Hizbullah, Hizballah, etc.[4] — metung yang grupung militanting Muslim a Shi'a ampong partidung pulitikal a makabasi king Lebanon.[5][6][7] Tatanggap yang saup a pampulitika ampong pinansyal king Iran ampong Syria, at ing dake nang paramilitary tuturing deng pangimut a pangresistensyaking mabilug a yatung Arabu ampong Muslim.[5] Para kareng kapamahalan ning Estados Unidos,[8] ing Netherlands,[9][10][11][12] Bahrain,[13][14][15] France,[16] U.K., Australia, Canada, ampong Israel, metung yang aguman o organisasyun a terorista ing Hezbollah, king kabilugan o metung a dake na niti.[17][18] Aisipan deng itikdo deng paring Muslim, at pinonduan ne ning Iran kaybat ning pamanyakup ning Israel king Lebanon anyang 1982, at mitátag ya bayu ing sabla bang lumaban king pamanyakup ning Israel.[19] Kinangwa lang inspirasyun deng kayang pekapun kang Ayatollah Khomeini, at senayan nala at inorganisa ning metung a tropa da reng Iranian Revolutionary Guards.[20]



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UN resolutions regarding Hezbollah

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  • Hezbollah: Financing Terror through Criminal Enterprise, Testimony of Matthew Levitt, Hearing of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate
  • Hizbullah's two republics by Mohammed Ben Jelloun, Al-Ahram, February 15–21, 2007
  • Inside Hezbollah, short documentary and extensive information from Frontline/World on PBS.
  • An Open Letter: The Hezbollah Program – five pages excerpted from Hezbollah's 1985 manifesto translated into English. The complete document is 20 printed pages in translation and may be found in Norton, Augustus (1987). Amal and the Shi'a: Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon. Austin: University of Texas Press. ISBN 0-292-73039-X.  Specifically: "Nass al-risala al-maftuha allati wajjaha hizb allah ila al-mustad'afin fi lubnan wa al-'alam [Text of an Open Letter Addressed by Hizballah to the Downtrodden in Lebanon and in the World]", Appendix B, pp. 167–187.</ref>
  • Hizbullah – the 'Party of God' – fact file at Ynetnews

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