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Sir Isaac Newton
Ing 1689 larawan nang Isaac Newton (idad 46) neng Godfrey Kneller
Ing 1689 larawan nang Isaac Newton (idad 46) neng Godfrey Kneller
Mibait4 Eneru 1643(1643-01-04)
Kematyan31 Marsu 1727 (maki edad a 84)
[OS: 20 March 1727][1]
Kensington, Middlesex, Inglaterra
BangsaEnglish (British from 1707)
Taldawaphysics, mathematics, astronomy, natural philosophy, alchemy, theology
InstitusiunUniversity of Cambridge
Royal Society
Royal Mint
Alma materTrinity College, Cambridge
Academic advisorsIsaac Barrow[2]
Benjamin Pulleyn[3][4]
Kapansinpansin estudiantiRoger Cotes
William Whiston
Bantug kengNewtonian mechanics
Universal gravitation
AyasagHenry More[5]
Polish Brethren[6]
MekayasagNicolas Fatio de Duillier
John Keill
Kasalpantayanan kabilianArianism; for details see article
Sir Isaac Newton's signature
Ing lagiu nang Ima na Hannah Ayscough ya. Ing kayang kapitnang pangunakan a babai iyapin i Catherine Barton.

I Sir Isaac Newton FRS (4 Eneru 1643 – 31 Marsu 1727 [OS: 25 Disiembri 1642 – 20 Marsu 1727])[1] metung yang Inglaterru physicist, mathematicu, astronomer, natural philosopu, alchemist, ampong theologian nung nu ing panakit da ampong kikilalanan kareng dakal a matenakan ampong deng malda bilang metung kareng maimpluwensiang tau keng amlat.[7] Ing kayang 1687 pangabulaglag ning Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (keraklan mayayaus a Principia) metung yang kikilalanan dang mainpluwensiyang aklat keng amlat ning science, memie talatag keng keraklan da reng classical mechanics. Ining kayang obra, i Newton pepasiag na ing universal gravitation ampo ring atlung laws of motion nung nu iti ing megbabo kareng scientific lawe da keng physical universe kaibat ning tutuking atlung dilanua (siglu). I Newton pepakit na deng galo da reng bage keng Yatu ampo ding celestial bage mangasiwa la kareng parepareung salansan da reng natural a batas kapamilatan ning pepakit na pane ing pamiugne ning Kepler's laws of planetary motion ampo ning kayang theoriang pami-igut (gravitation), inya leko na iti ing pamikakunu tungkul keng heliocentrism ampong sinulong na ing scientific revolution.

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