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Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

Ibat king Wikipedia
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

Larawan nang Carpeaux by Étienne Bocourt king Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, kaybat nang mete. Atiu king king lalam na ing Flore, at ken yang babo na ing Imperial France protecting Agriculture and Sciences
Mibait11 ya ing Mayo 1827
Valenciennes, Francia
Mete12 ya ing Octubre 1875 (edad 48)
Bécon-les-Bruyères (Courbevoie), Francia
Kapanintunan/propesionEscultor, pintor

I Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (11 ya ing Mayo 1827 – 12 ya ing Octubre 1875) métung yang Frances a escultor ampóng pintor anyang Kadwang Imperiong Frances|Kadwang Imperio]] king lálam nang Napoleon III.