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Jim Morrison

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Jim Morrison

Promotional photograph of Morrison during The Smothers Brothers Show in December 1968
Background information
Lagyu pangabaitJames Douglas Morrison
MibaitDisiembri 8 1943(1943-12-08)
Melbourne, Florida, U.S.
MeteJuliu 3 1971 (maki edad a 27)
Paris, France
  • Musician
  • songwriter
  • poet
Banwa nung kapilan aktibu1963–1971

I Jim Morrison (mibait yang James Douglas Morrison, 8 Disiembre 1943 – 3 Juliu 1971) metung yang musiquerong Americanung, a pikabaluan dili antimong manimunang talacanta (lead vocalist) ampong talasulat canta ning bandang rock a The Doors.[1] Antimong talasulat canta, dakal ya sinulat a hit para king The Doors, kayabe la reng "Light My Fire", "Hello, I Love You", "Break on Through (To the Other Side)", "Riders on the Storm", "Love Her Madly" ampong "The End".

Discography[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

References[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

Bibliography[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

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