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Jimmy Wales

I Jimmy Wales aniang Diciembre 2008
MibaitJimmy Donal Wales
Agostu 7 1966 (idad 57)
Huntsville, Alabama, Estados Unidos
tuknanganSt. Petersburg, Florida
Aliwang lagiuJimbo (online a palayo)[1]
Alma materAuburn University
University of Alabama
Indiana University Bloomington
ObraNegosianti king Aptas (Internet entrepreneur)
PamansagPamuntuk ning Wikia, Inc. (2004–salukuyan)
Talapamuntuk ning Wikimedia Foundation
Bantug kengPamitátag/pamag-co-found king Wikipedia
Kaba ning pamanyuyuJune 2003 – October 2006
MenaliliFlorence Devouard
Board member ofWikimedia Foundation, Creative Commons, Socialtext, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (advisory board)
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I Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (mayayagkas /ˈdoʊnəl weɪlz/; mibait Agosto 7, 1966)[2] metung yang Americanung negosianti king Aptas (Internet entrepreneur) ampong kayabeng talatátag at saka promoter ning Wikipedia.[3][4][5]

Jimmy Wales 2014 on CeBIT Global Conferences, Wikipedia Zero

Mibait ya i Wales king Huntsville, Alabama. Megaral ya king metung a malating pipagaralan a privadu, king university preparatory school, at kaibat miyari ya kareng cursung bachelor's ampong master's degrees king pisasalpian (finance). Kabang atiu king escuelang graduadu o graduate school, tinuru ya kareng aduang universidad.[1][6] Kaibat, megobra ya king pisalapian, at migsilbi yang pekapun king pamanialugsug (research director) ning metung a cumpaniang futures and options king Chicago kilub ning mapilang banua.[1] Aniang 1996, tetag ne kayabe la reng aduang ka-sosiu ing Bomis, metung a web portal o pasbung pang-Aptas a pang-lalaki, at migdala (hosted), ampong minie cualta aniang purmeru, king peer-reviewed encyclopedia, ing Nupedia (2000–2003) ampo ing kayang katuki, ing Wikipedia.[4][6]

Aniang 2001, kayabe ya i Larry Sanger ampo reng aliwa, sinaup ya i Wales king pamibulalag king Wikipedia, metung a enciclopediang libri ampong makabusni laman (open-content) a e migluat meragul mayap ampong meging sikat.[7][8] Aniang makikilala ne ing Wikipedia, i Wales ing kayang meging promotor ampong talapagsalita.[9] King kasalesayan, i Wales ing tuturing dang co-founder ning Wikipedia, dapot sasalungat ya king aus a "co-" at tuturing ne ing sarili nang sole founder o bukud a talatátag.[10][11] Magsilbi ya king Board of Trustees ning Wikimedia Foundation, ing e magtubung aguman a paniaup (non-profit charitable organization) a magpalakad king Wikipedia. Ya ing tatalan king puestung "community founder" a tutulduan ning lupung o board.[12] Aniang 2004, kayabe ya kareng mitátag king Wikia, metung a privadu ampong libring web-hosting service, kayabe ya ing kalupa nang Wikimedia trustee, i Angela Beesley.[13] Mekatadua ne mekiasawa i Wales, at atin yang anak a babai kang Christine, ing kadua nang asawa, nung kaninu ya kawani. Lalarawan ne ing sarili na antimong Objectivist ampong, maki kapikakunuan, metung a libertarian.[1] Uli ning kayang papil king pamaglalang king Wikipedia, inabe ne ning Time kareng peka ma-influenciang tau king yatu aniang 2006.[14] I Wales ing de factong pekapun ning Wikipedia;[4][15] ing exactu nang puestu king proyectu pididibatian ding malda ampo kareng diariu.[16]

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