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Jingzhou old city wall.
Jingzhou old city wall.
Lokasyun ning Lakanbalen ning Jingzhou king Hubei
Lokasyun ning Lakanbalen ning Jingzhou king Hubei

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Coordinates: Template:CountryAbbr2 30°20′N 112°13′E
Bangsa Maldang Republika ning Tsina
Lakanbalen a kadaneng prefecture Hubei
 - City 5,470.3 sq mi (14,168 km2)
 - Urban 609.7 sq mi (1,579 km2)
Populasiun (2010)
 - City 5,691,707
 - Populasiun Pangasiksik 1,040.5/sq mi (401.7/km2)
 - Kabalenan 1,154,086
 - Kabalenan Pangasiksik 1,893/sq mi (730.9/km2)
 - Metro Density Expression error: Unexpected < operator./sq mi (Expression error: Unexpected / operator./km2)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Website http://www.jingzhou.gov.cn/
Simplified Chinese 荆州
Traditional Chinese 荊州

Ing Jingzhou (simplified Chinese: 荆州) metung yang lakanbalen a kadaneng prefecture (prefecture-level city) king mauli ang dake ning lalawigan ning Hubei, Maldang Republika ning Tsina, king wanan nang pampangan ning Ilug Yangtze. Anyang 2010 census, maki populasyun yang 5,691,707, nung nu deng 1,154,086 manuknangan la king dakeng urbanisadung maki atlung (3) urban districts.

Jingzhou's central urban area has grown out of a city that was historically known as Shashi. These days, this name is preserved in the name of Shashi District, which includes this city's historical center, as well as in the names of a number of local facilities, such as the Shashi Airport and a railway freight station.

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