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This article is about the French administrative région of Lorraine. For the historical duchy and province of Lorraine, see Lorraine (province).
Labuad Lorraine
Flag of Lorraine
(Région flag) (Labuad sagisag)
Mapa ning France mamasala ne ing Labuad ning Lorraine
Tungku Metz
Labuad Pamuntuk Jean-Pierre Masseret
(PS) (since 2004)
Departamentu Meurthe-et-Moselle
Arrondissements 19
Cantons 157
Commune 2,337
Gabun lapad1 23,547 km²
Populasyun (Ranked 11th)
 - Eneru 1, 2006 est. 2,339,000
 - Marsu 8, 1999 census 2,310,376
 - Pangasiksik (2006) 99/km²
1 French Land Register data, which exclude lakes, ponds, and glaciers larger than 1 km² (0.386 sq. mi. or 247 acres) as well as the estuaries of rivers
Nancy - Place Stanislas - Arc de triomphe

Ing Lorraine (German: Lothringen) metung ya kareng 26 a labuad ning France. Ding kayang aduang lakanbalen ilapin deng Metz (administratibung tungku) at Nancy (maamlat a tungku).

Geografia[mag-edit | edit source]

Chajoux Valley

Kalinangan[mag-edit | edit source]

Nancy - Place Stanislas - Fountain of Neptune

Kurus ning Lorraine[mag-edit | edit source]

Kurus ning Lorraine

Pamangan[mag-edit | edit source]

Pun communidad[mag-edit | edit source]

Military[mag-edit | edit source]

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Lawen ya rin[mag-edit | edit source]

Suglung Palwal[mag-edit | edit source]

Coordinates: 49°00′N 6°00′E