Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrong
A picture of Louis Armstrong. Short-haired black man in his fifties blowing into a trumpet. He is wearing a light-colored sport coat, a white shirt and a bow tie. He is faced left with his eyes looking upwards. His right hand is fingering the trumpet, with the index finger down and three fingers pointing upwards. The man's left hand is mostly covered with a handkerchief and it has a shining ring on the little finger. He is wearing a wristwatch on the left wrist.
Background information
Lagyu pangabaitLouis Daniel Armstrong
Tinduk ning tigtig (Genre)Jazz, Dixieland, Swing, Traditional pop
InstrumentuTrumpet, cornet, vocals
Banwa nung kapilan aktibuc. 1914–1971
Palageng makaugneJoe "King" Oliver, Ella Fitzgerald, Kid Ory

I Louis[1] I Daniel Armstrong (Agostu 4, 1901[2] – Juliu 6, 1971), palayo Satchmo[3] o Pops, metung yang Americanung jazz tuturutut (trumpeter) ampong talakanta ibat New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Mack The Knife
“Heebie Jeebies” neng Louis Armstrong ampo ing kayang Mapaling Lima

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Dalerayan[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  1. Mas buri neng mayayagkas ing kayang lagiu bilang Louie. "Balamu Louis Armstrong - dapot ing kayang kulitan Louis, dapot buri neng masasabing Louie", atatandanan nang Louie Bellson [1]. Ing Armstrong makarehistru yang "Lewie" para keng 1920 U.S. Census. Kareng dakal a pialben na ya mismu ing lalageng mabie mayayaus yang "Louie" keng entabladu, kalupa na inyang 1952 "Atin kekayung Makapalino? (Can Anyone Explain)?" king kayang mabieng album In Scandinavia vol.1. Metung mu naman tandanan na ing "Lewie" iya ing French a pamanagkas keng "Louis" at pangkaraniwan yang magagamit king Louisiana. kaibat ning kayang kamatayan, ding keraklan ing kayang agkas a lagiu bagia bagia meging yang "Louis".
  2. Armstrong said he was not sure exactly when he was born, but celebrated his birthday on July 4. He usually gave the year as 1900 when speaking in public (although he used 1901 on his Social Security and other papers filed with the government). Using Roman Catholic Church documents from when his grandmother took him to be baptized, New Orleans music researcher Tad Jones established Armstrong’s actual date of birth as August 4, 1901. With various other collaborative evidence, this date is now accepted by Armstrong scholars. See also age fabrication.
  3. For "satchel-mouth".

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