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Michael Faraday

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Michael Faraday

Faraday, c. 1855–60
Mibait22 ya ing Septiembre 1791
Newington Butts, Surrey, Inglaterra
Mete25 ya ing Agosto 1867 (edad 75)
Hampton Court, Middlesex, Inglaterra
Kapanintunan/propesionCientífico (scientist)
AsawaSarah Barnard ​ (m. 1821)

I Michael Faraday (22 ya ing Septiembre 1791 – 25 ya ing Agosto 1867) métung yang Ingles a científicong (scientist) sínáup king pámagáral king electromagnetismo ampóng electroquímica (electrochemistry). Kayábé la karéng pékamaulagá nang átuklasán na déng principio ning electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism ampóng electrolysis. Úli ning kayang pámanialungsung king magnetic field a makapadúrut king conductor a mágdalang derechung corrienti, ápaltó néng Faraday ing conceptu ning electromagnetic field king física. Ápákit na múring Faraday a ing magnetismo áyafectuan nó réng aslag ning aldó ampóng maki pámiyugne la réng adwâ.[1][2] He similarly discovered the principles of electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and the laws of electrolysis. His inventions of electromagnetic rotary devices formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became practical for use in technology.[3]

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