Pakala (distritu ning Chittoor)

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Andhra Pradesh • India
Coordinates: 13°28′00″N 79°07′00″E / 13.4667, 79.1167
Oras zona IST (UTC+5:30)
Distritu Chittoor

Coordinates: 13°28′00″N 79°07′00″E / 13.4667, 79.1167

E dapat apapagkamaliang Pakala (Prakasam district).

Ing Pakala o Pakal metung yang balen ampong pun tanggapan (headquarters) ning Mandal king Chittoor (distritu) ning Andhra Pradesh, India.


Damal cheruvu is one of the small towns in pakala mandal, which is very famous for Mangoes in AP. So many youngsters proving their talent in fields like medical and engineering.

Peddagorpadu and also Chinnagorpadu are two famous Villages near pakala. So many young stars are at very good positions in software industry in this village.

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