Rex Stout

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Rex Stout
Portrait photograph of author Rex Stout at age 35, photographed by Arnold Genthe
I Rex Stout anyang 1931
Letratu neng Arnold Genthe
Obra Talasulat
Genre Detective fiction
Bantug a obra Nero Wolfe corpus
Asawa Fay Kennedy (1916–1932)
Pola Weinbach Hoffmann (1932–1975)
Ának Barbara Stout Selleck (1933–)
Rebecca Stout Bradbury (1937–)

I Rex Todhunter Stout (Diciembre 1, 1886 – Octubre 27, 1975) metung yang talasulat a Amerikanung mekilala king kayang detective fiction. Kilala yang dili i Stout antimong talapaglalang king matenakan a pikudtang detektib a i Nero Wolfe, a linarawan ning talapanyuring (reviewer) i Will Cuppy antimong "that Falstaff of detectives." [1] Sinulat no ning talasaup nang Wolfe, i Archie Goodwin, deng kasu ning henyong detektib manibat 1934 (Fer-de-Lance) anggang 1975 (A Family Affair).

Pinili re antimong Masanting Diling Seryeng Pangmisteryu ning Dilanwa/Siglu (Best Mystery Series of the Century) ing kabilugan da reng kasulatang Nero Wolfe (Nero Wolfe corpus) king Bouchercon 2000, ing pekamaragul a pamitipun king yatu dikil kareng misteryu o mystery, at i Rex Stout ing mepiling Manimunang Talasulat da reng Misteryu ning Dilanwa/Siglu o Best Mystery Writer of the Century.[2]


His narrative and dialogue could not be improved, and he passes the supreme test of being rereadable. I don't know how many times I have reread the Nero Wolfe stories, but plenty. I know exactly what is coming and how it is all going to end, but it doesn't matter. That's writing.


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  2. Walker, Tom "Mystery writers shine light on best: Bouchercon 2000 convention honors authors"; The Denver Post, September 10, 2000. The other four nominees were Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett and Dorothy Sayers. Christie was voted Best Mystery Writer of the Century, and Christie's Hercule Poirot was named Best Mystery Series of the Century. The 31st World Mystery Convention was presented in Denver September 7–10, 2000.
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