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Rosalind E. Franklin

MibaitRosalind Elsie Franklin
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Notting Hill, London
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Chelsea, London
Ovarian cancer
TaldawaX-ray crystallography
InstitusiunBritish Coal Utilisation Research Association
Laboratoire central des services chimiques de l'État
King's College London
Birkbeck College, London
Alma materNewnham College, Cambridge
Bantug kengFine structure of coal and graphite, Structure of DNA, structure of viruses

I Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 Julio 1920 – 16 Abril 1958)[1] metung yang biophysicist ampong X-ray crystallographer ibat Britaniang minye maulagang kontribusyon king pamanintindi ning mapinung pangabalangkas a molecular ning DNA, RNA, viruses, uling batu (coal), ampong graphite.[2] Sinikat yang dili ing obra na king DNA uling maki maulaga yang papil ing DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) king metabolismu ning selula ampo king genetics, at ing pangatuklas ning kayang pangabalangkas o istruktura sinaup king pamanintindi nung makananung mipapasa ing impormasyung genetic manibat kareng pengari paras kareng ának.

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