Sam Abrams

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I Sam Abrams (mibait Nobiembri 18, 1935) mibait ya king Brooklyn ampong metung yang Americanung watas.[1][2][3]

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  • Barbara. Ferry Press (London, 1966), 1st Edition. 32 pp. Poems, limited edition of 350 copies.
  • The Neglected Walt Whitman. Sam Abrams, Editor. Sixty-five poems, fragments, and three prose pieces by Whitman.
  • The Old Pothead Poems. Louis Armstrong said it, "Marijuana is an assistant, a friend." These poems riff off that theme, a fifty-year-long set of improv-collaborations between two old friends, Miss Mary Jane and her man, Sam. Poems too of a classicist, on familiar terms with Sappho, Archilochus, Horace, Socrates -- regulars in the audience along with Miles, Billy, Bessie,...
  • The Post-American Cultural Congress.
  • Book of Days, with Paul Blackburn

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