Sipítang emosional

Ibat king Wikipedia

Ing sipítang emosional metung yang úrî ning biolensiang manipulador king kapamílatan da ring tákut, obligasion ampong berguensa, nung king Inggles FOG (fear, obligation ampong guilt).[1] Metung ining estratehia ning kontrol.[2]

Ding daleráyan[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  1. Johnson, R. S. (2018-10-18). Emotional blackmail: Fear, obligation and guilt (FOG). BPD Family.
  2. Vilar K., E. M. (1971). The manipulated man. Pinter & Martin. “To instill obedience into an only child, the mother has to evolve complex methods to outsmart and persuade it, and get it to see reason; or it has to be punished. Since this is a nuisance, mother usually leaves it to father. Several children, on the other hand, can be trained by emotional blackmail. As they are all dependent on their mother's approval, she has only to show a slight preference for one and the others will do anything she tells them to. Every child lives in constant fear that its mother will ‘withdraw’ her love and give it to some one else.”

Usbong Ing artíkulung ini metung yang súlî. Makasáup ka king Wikipedia kapamílatan ning pámandagdag kaniti.