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Stephen Sondheim

Ibat king Wikipedia
Stephen Sondheim

Sondheim, c. 1976
Mibait22 ya ing Marzo 1930
Lakanbalén ya ing New York, Estados Unidos.
Mete26 ya ing Noviembre 2021 (edad 91)
Roxbury, Connecticut, Estados Unidos
AsawaJeffrey Romley ​(m. 2017)

I Stephen Joshua Sondheim (22 ya ing Marzo 1930 – 26 ya ing Noviembre 2021) métung yang Americanung compositor ampóng letrista (lyricist). Tuturing déng métung karéng pekamaulagang taúan king teatro musical, at didínan déng damla king pámagbáyu king musical a Americanu.[1] With his frequent collaborations with Harold Prince and James Lapine, Sondheim's Broadway musicals tackled unexpected themes that ranged beyond the genre's traditional subjects, while addressing darker elements of the human experience.[2][3] His music and lyrics were tinged with complexity, sophistication, and ambivalence about various aspects of life.Template:R[4]

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