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{{{German_name or name_local}}}
{{{Name or name}}}
{{{image_photo}}} of {{{imagesize}}} (268px) {{{infoboxwidth}}} (270px) is located in Germany
{{{image_photo}}} of {{{imagesize}}} (268px)

{{{infoboxwidth}}} (270px)
Coordinates missing!
Bangsa Aleman
State {{{Bundesland or state}}}
Admin. region {{{Regierungsbezirk or region or regbzk}}}
Distritu {{{Kreis or district}}}
Municipiu kaanib {{{Amt}}}
Municipal assoc. {{{Gemeindeverwaltungsverband}}}   
Municipal assoc. {{{Samtgemeinde}}}
Municipal assoc. {{{Verbandsgemeinde}}}
Municipal assoc. {{{Verwaltungsgemeinschaft}}}
Municipal assoc. {{{Verwaltungsverband}}}
Local pangadake {{{divisions}}}
Mayor {{{Bürgermeister or mayor}}}( {{{Partei or party}}} )
Governing party {{{ruling_party1}}}
Basic statistics
Lualas {{{Fläche or  area}}} km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Metro 0 [[km2]] (0 sq mi)
Katas X–Xmax m (y–ymax ft)
  X is {{{Höhe or  elevation}}}
  Xmax optional {{{elevationmax}}}
Populasiun {{{Einwohner or  population}}}
 - Populasiun Pangasiksik 0 /km2 (0 /sq mi)
 - Urban {{{pop_urban}}}
 - Metro {{{pop_metro}}} 
Mitatag {{{year}}}
Other information
Oras zona CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate {{{Kfz or licence or  license}}}
Postal codes {{{PLZ or  postal_code}}}
Area codes {{{Vorwahl or  area_code}}}
Website {{{Website or  website}}}
{{{Lageplanbeschreibung or plantext}}}
{{{image_plan}}} of {{{plansize}}} (265px) is located in Germany
{{{image_plan}}} of {{{plansize}}} (265px)

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