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Commons picture of the day (2021-06-17)
Seebruecke Prerow 002.jpgIng pantalan ning bakasiunan king pangpang dayatmalat (seaside resort) king Nordvorpommern, Alemania (Germany). Ating Scott's pine (Pinus sylvestris) king arap

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Function[alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

This template shows the POTD from Commons

A generated list of images for use in this template can be copy-pasted from here. For the Template:POTD commons/Captions (used for the captions) use this generated list.

Parameters[alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  • thumb=yes - show as thumbnail
  • title=yes - show the title (only in combination with thumb=yes)
  • caption=no - don't show the captions
  • float=left/right - for floating the thumbnail left or right (default=left)

Example[alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

{{Template:POTD commons|thumb=yes|title=yes|float=right}} - this will show a thumbnailed version, floated right, with the title and captions.