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The National Archives (United Kingdom)
Non-ministerial government department overview
Melalang Abril 2003 (2003-04)
Jurisdiction England and Wales, Government of the United Kingdom
Pun tanggapan Kew, Richmond, TW9 4DU
Empleadu 679
Banwa-banwang budget £43.9 million (2009-2010) [1]
Minister responsible Kenneth Clarke MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
Non-ministerial government department executive Oliver Morley, Chief Executive and Keeper of the Public Records
Child agencies Office of Public Sector Information
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
Key document Framework document
The National Archives building at Kew.

The National Archives (TNA) metung yang Sakdalan a pangkapamahalan ning UK (UK government department) ampong ahensyang talapaganap (executive agency) ning Kalihim ning Estado king Katuliran (Secretary of State for Justice). Iti ing "opisyal a simpanan ning kapamahalan ning UK, a magdala king metung a libung banwa ning kasalesayan" ("the UK government's official archive, containing 1,000 years of history").[2] Ating makakawaning simpanan kareng dakeng mirinan pamagsarili ning United Kingdom: ing National Archives of Scotland tatalan yang dokumentung pangkapamahalan ampong pribadung makaugne king Scotland at ing Public Record Office of Northern Ireland tatalan yang kasulatan para king Northern Ireland.

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