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Walther Bothe

Ibat king Wikipedia
Walther Bothe
Walther Bothe, Stuttgart 1935
Walther Bothe, Stuttgart 1935
Mibait Eneru 8, 1891
Oranienburg, Germany
MeteFebruary 8, 1957
Heidelberg, Germany
Alma MaterUniversity of Berlin
Talausuk AcademiaMax Planck
Bantug a MagaralHans Ritter von Baeyer
BantugCoincidence circuit

I Walther Wilhelm Georg Bothe (Eneru 8 1891 inyang OranienburgPebreru 8 1957 king Heidelberg) metung yang Aleman nuclear physicist.

Inyang 1913, mekiabe ya keng bayung lalang a Laboratory para Radioactivity king Reich Physical ampong Technical Institute (PTR), nung nu menatili ya anggang 1930, king tauling banua bilang director ning laboratoriu. Sinuyu ya keng military inyang Mumunang Pangyatung Guerra I maniabt 1914 at kilung de reng Russians, mibalik ya Germany inyang 1920.

Libru sinulat nang Bothe[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  • Walther Bothe Der Physiker und sein Werkzeug (Gruyter, 1944)
  • Walther Bothe and Siegfried Flügge Kernphysik und kosmische Strahlen. T. 1 (Dieterich, 1948)
  • Walther Bothe Der Streufehler bei der Ausmessung von Nebelkammerbahnen im Magnetfeld (Springer, 1948)
  • Walther Bothe and Siegfried Flügge (editors) Nuclear Physics and Cosmic Rays (FIAT Review of German Science 1939 – 1945, Volumes 13 and 14 (Klemm, 1948) ][1]
  • Walther Bothe Theorie des Doppellinsen-b-Spektrometers (Springer, 1950)
  • Walther Bothe Die Streuung von Elektronen in schrägen Folien (Springer, 1952)
  • Walther Bothe and Siegfried Flügge Kernphysik und kosmische Strahlen. T. 2 (Dieterich, 1953)
  • Karl H. Bauer and Walther Bothe Vom Atom zum Weltsystem (Kröner, 1954)

Akaltan[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  • Beyerchen, Alan D. Scientists Under Hitler: Politics and the Physics Community in the Third Reich (Yale, 1977) ISBN 0-300-01830-4
  • Walther Bothe The Coincidence Method, The Nobel Prize in Physics 1954, Nobelprize.org (1954). Due to Bothe's illness, this lecture was not delivered orally.
  • Hentschel, Klaus (editor) and Ann M. Hentschel (editorial assistant and translator) Physics and National Socialism: An Anthology of Primary Sources (Birkhäuser, 1996) ISBN 0-8176-5312-0. [This book is a collection of 121 primary German documents relating to physics under National Socialism. The documents have been translated and annotated, and there is a lengthy introduction to put them into perspective.]
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  • Walker, Mark German National Socialism and the Quest for Nuclear Power 1939–1949 (Cambridge, 1993) ISBN 0-521-43804-7

Notes[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  1. There were 50-odd volumes of the FIAT Reviews of German Science, which covered the period 1930 to 1946 – cited by Max von Laue in Document 117, Hentschel, 1996, 393-395. FIAT: Field Information Agencies, Technical.

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