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Please delete Template:Wikitravel and Template:Wikitravelpar[alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

Hello! I am part of a global team that is currently working to remove templates and links of Wikitravel. The Wikimedia Foundation now has a new project, Wikivoyage, and I encourage you to link there instead. In the meantime, I have outlined the reasons for the deletion of Wikitravelpar on the template page, and Wikitravel on the talk page. Unfortunately, the Wikitravel template is protected from editing. Please delete both of these pages, and let me know at w:en:User talk:JamesA if there are any problems. Thanks! :) JamesA (talk) 12:37, 30 Marsu 2013 (UTC)

Category:Pages using invalid self-closed HTML tags[alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

In Template:Infobox President, please change "small/>" to "/small>". Jonesey95 (talk) 00:52, 16 Pebreru 2017 (UTC)