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Yigael Yadin

Ibat king Wikipedia
Yigael Yadin
Mibait20 Marzo 1917
Jerusalem, Ottoman Empire
Mete28 Juniu 1984 (maki edad a 67)
Jerusalem, Israel
Tatalan king katapatanHaganah
Israel Defence Forces
Banwa king serbisyu1932–52
RangguLieutenant General
Chief of Staff
Battles/wars1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine
World War II
Israeli War of Independence
Other workArkeologo

I Yigael Yadin (Hebrew: יִגָּאֵל יָדִין‎‎, a mibait a Yigael Sukenik (Hebreo: יגאל סוקניק) anyang 21 Marzo 1917, mete 28 June 1984) metung yang Israeli arkeologo, pulitiku, ampo ing kadwang Pekapun daring Matas a Manungkulan (Chief of Staff) ning Sikanan para king Pamamingwa ning Israel (Israel Defense Forces)


  • Views of the Biblical World. Jerusalem: International Publishing Company J-m Ltd, 1959.
  • The Art of Warfare in Biblical Lands. McGraw-Hill, 1963.
  • Masada: Herod’s Fortress and the Zealots’ Last Stand. New York: Random House, 1966.
  • Hazor (Schweich Lectures for 1970)
  • The Bar Kochba Caves. (Hebrew). Maariv, 1971
  • The Temple Scroll published posthumously London, Weidenfeld & Nicholson,1985

Yigael Yadin published many research papers and ancient text explanations, at the Hebrew University press (in Hebrew):

  • The Sons of Light against Sons of Darkness (from the Qumran Caves), 1955
  • The Hidden Scrolls, 1958
  • The book of Ben Sira, 1965
  • Teffilin of Head from the Qumran caves, 1969
  • The Temple Scroll (from the Qumran caves), 1977


  • Neil A. Silberman "A Prophet from Amongst You: The Life of Yigael Yadin, Soldier, Scholar, and Mythmaker of Modern Israel" Addison Wesley (1994).


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