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Scientific classification
Kaarian: Plantae
(unranked) Monocots
(unranked) Commelinids
Orden: Poales
Familia: Poaceae
Subfamily: Pooideae
Tribu: Triticeae
Genus: Triticum

T. aestivum
T. aethiopicum
T. araraticum
T. boeoticum
T. carthlicum
T. compactum
T. dicoccoides
T. dicoccon
T. durum
T. ispahanicum
T. karamyschevii
T. macha
T. militinae
T. monococcum
T. polonicum
T. spelta
T. sphaerococcum
T. timopheevii
T. turanicum
T. turgidum
T. urartu
T. vavilovii
T. zhukovskyi
  ITIS 42236 2002-09-22

Ing trigu (Triticum spp.)[1], wheat king Ingles ampong trigo king Castila, metung yang dikut a tatanám da king mabilug a yatu, at menibat king labuad a Fertile Crescent ning Malapit a Aslagan (Near East). Aniang 2007, 607 miliung tonelada ing produksiun ning trigu, ania iti ing katlung pekamaulagang produksiun kareng anggang binutil o cereal, kaibat ning mais (784 miliung tonelada) ampo ning pale (651 miliung tonelada).[2] Ing binutil a trigu metung yang manimunang pamangan (staple food) a gagamitan king pamangawang arina para king tinape, biscuit, cake, breakfast cereal, pasta, juice, pansit, ampong couscous.[3], ampo king fermentation king pamangawang beer,[4] alcohol, vodka[5] o biofuel.[6] Atin muring mapilang tatanam king trigu antimong kanan animal, at maliaring gamitan ing kayang are antimong kumpe (fodder) o panatap (gagawang bubungan), a balamu pinaud.[7][8]

Lipat ning maragul a dake ning protina ampong pamangan da reng tau king yatu ing ibat king trigu, miraras king metung kareng balang dinalan (100) o aduang dalan (200) a tau ing maki Celiac disease, metung a kabilian a mánibat king pakibat ning immune system king metung a protinang atsu king trigu: ing gluten (basi karing datos para king Estados Unidos). .[9][10][11]

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