Tagged Image File Format

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Tagged Image File Format
File extension .tiff, .tif
MIME type image/tiff, image/tiff-fx
Type code TIFF
Uniform Type Identifier public.tiff
Developed by Aldus, now Adobe Systems
Type of format Image file formats
Extended to Exif, DCF, TIFF/EP

Ing Tagged Image File Format (a pepakuyad da king TIFF) metung yang file format para king pamanyimpan kareng larawan o images, kayabe no reng letratu ampong ginulis (line art). Tatalnan na ne ning Adobe Systems. Aniang purmeru, lelangan ne ning kumpaniang Aldus[1] bang magamit ketang ausan da kanitang "desktop publishing". Gagamitan de ing TIFF format kareng dakal a aplikasiun a maki kaugnayan king pamag-prosesu kareng larawan (image-manipulation applications), king pamaglimbag ampong pamag-layout, king [pamag-scan, pamag-fax, word processing, optical character recognition at aliwa pang aplikasiun.[2] Ing Adobe Systems, a yang mekasali king Aldus, ing tatalan ngeni king copyright king TIFF specification. Ala yang maragul a pamagbayu (update) ing TIFF manibat kanitang 1992, dapot ating milimbag a Aldus/Adobe technical note a maki minor extension king format, at ating mapilan a specifications, kayabe ne ing TIFF/EP, a makabasi king TIFF 6.0 specification.

Lon la murin deti[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

Notes[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

  1. Makabili king Version 4 ampong 5 ning TIFF specification ing pangamanung (sentence) a "This memorandum has been prepared jointly by Aldus and Microsoft in conjunction with leading scanner and printer manufacturers"; mika pamisaup king pamamisali (co-marketing) ampong suporta king pamanalkus king TIFF kayabe ya ing Microsoft aniang panaun a iti, agiang ali ya deretsung sinaup ing Microsoft king pamanalkus kaniti. King Version 6 (1992) ning TIFF specification, e ne mebanggit ing Microsoft. TIFF Revision 5.0 TIFF Revision 6.0
  2. Ing TIFF ing mepiling native format para kareng raster graphics king NeXTstep operating system; midala ining suporta king TIFF keng Mac OS X.

Suglung palual[mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan]

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  • TIFF Revision 4.0: Specification for revision 4.0, in HTML (warning: for historical purposes only, the TIFF 6.0 spec contains the full 4.0 revision)
  • TIFF Revision 5.0: Specification for revision 5.0, in HTML (warning: for historical purposes only, the TIFF 6.0 spec contains the full 5.0 revision)
  • TIFF Revision 6.0: Specification for revision 6.0, in PDF (warning: there is an outdated and flawed section (jpeg compression), corrected in supplements, and there are additions to this PDF too – for the full specification, see link to Adobe TIFF Resources)
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